A Meeting of the Key People in Global IoT

Corporates, Entrepreneurs and Investors under one roof, the IoT Forum is where the Internet of Things means business.

The 5th IoT Forum, one of the Top 3 IoT events in the world, shows you the commercial potential of IoT, how it is impacting business models and brings key people in the ecosystem together to do business and learn from each other.

The 5th IoT Forum 2016 is on March 9th-10th, 2016. Reserve your place NOW for IoT Forum 2016.

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Andy Stanford Clark

Distinguished Engineer, IBM

Professor Andy Stanford-Clark is a Distinguished Engineer in IBM’s global Internet of Things team. He is an IBM Master Inventor with more than 40 patents.

Ken Munro

Partner, Pen Test Partners

Ken is passionate about empowering the user and blowing away the fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) peddled by security vendors.

Marie Gilmour

Innovation Programme Manager, Crossrail Innovation Programme

Marie Gilmour is a Management Consultant with the Nichols Group, currently engaged as Innovation Programme Manager within Crossrail’s Innovation programme, Innovate18.

Alexandra Willard

Founder, Taurus Consulting

Alexandra started her professional career at Ford Motor Company before moving to Jaguar, where she was a certified track test driver, and led the Analytical Powertrain team for the original Jaguar F Ty

Nick Lansley

CEO, Nick Lansley's Innovation Lab

Nick worked at Tesco for 25 years bringing home shopping to the UK customers in the mid-1990s, launching Tesco’s first mobile app in 2002 before running Tesco Labs & Open Innovation Programme for the UK’s largest retailer.

Alison Vincent

CTO, Cisco

Alison has a PhD in Cryptography and BSc in Maths & Computer Science from London University.

Highlights from the 4th IoT Forum. More to look forward to at the 5th.


Why come to IoT 16?

You will meet the people who are doing things, not talking about things, in the Internet of Things.

Understand how big companies can innovate using IoT successfully. How could IoT transform your business model? What are the key investment opportunities? How can you demonstrate ROI in IoT? Who are the companies you’ve never heard of that will change the world? How can large companies and startups partner effectively? How will the IoT ecosystem be built and who will be the key players? How can you distinguish the BS from the real? Who can solve your business challenges?

Two days of thoughtful talks, great connections, exhibits, live demonstrations, stimulating ideas, real world case studies, with a focus on helping you understand how the Internet of Things will change your business.

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'I genuinely felt the conference was excellent: I met a lot of useful people, and I enjoyed the pitches and panels.'

Alex Van Someren, Amadeus Capital

'well paced, varied and interesting and I particularly appreciated the non-tech focus.'

Amyas Philips, ARM

'like a big cauldron of innovation waiting to pop out a bubble of a new business venture - amazing :)'

Andy Stanford Clark, IBM