A Meeting of the Key People in Global IoT

Entrepreneurs, corporates and investors. Bringing these three groups under one roof, the IoT Forum is where the Internet of Things means business.

The IoT Forum has grown alongside the innovations of IoT. This year, the focus will be on realising the commercial potential of IoT and how it impacts business models. It strips out the hype and shows how IoT makes companies money.

IoT Forum 2016 is on March 9-10 2016.

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Who comes?

This is an event for all those who have built products and services around IoT technology:

  • Established large brands, who are using or interested in the IoT and how it will effect their business.
  • High quality, disruptive, and growing companies.
  • Investors and influencers in the market.


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2015: Claire Rowland

Author, Designing Connected Products

Claire is the lead author of ‘Designing Connected Products’.


2015: Alexandra D-S

Founder, Good Night Lamp/Designswarm

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino is an interaction designer, product designer, entrepreneur & speaker based in London. She is the founder of the Good Night Lamp, a family of internet-connected lamps.

2015: Rick Robinson

IT Director, Big Data and Smart Cities, Amey

Rick IT Director at Amey, specialising in Big Data and Smart Cities.

2015: Caroline Hargrove

Technical Director, McLaren Applied Technologies

As Technical Director at McLaren Applied Technologies, Caroline has pioneered the commercial application of many advanced technologies used in automotive, elite sport and medical devices.

2015: Rick Bullotta

CTO and Co-Founder, ThingWorx

Rick is the CTO and co-founder of ThingWorx. Rick was previously CTO at Invensys Wonderware and was a vice president with SAP Research in the areas of future manufacturing and the “internet of things”.

2015: Andy Stanford Clark

Master Inventor, IBM

Andy is based at IBM’s Hursley Park laboratories in the UK, and specialises in remote telemetry, energy monitoring and management, Smart Metering and Smart Grid technologies.

Why come to IoT 16?

You get to meet the people who are making waves in the Internet of Things.

This is one place the people who are actually making things happen in IoT get together to do business together. Two days of making great connections, and hearing ideas shifting IoT and the world.


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'I genuinely felt the conference was excellent: I met a lot of useful people, and I enjoyed the pitches and panels.'

Alex Van Someren, Amadeus Capital

'well paced, varied and interesting and I particularly appreciated the non-tech focus.'

Amyas Philips, ARM

'like a big cauldron of innovation waiting to pop out a bubble of a new business venture - amazing :)'

Andy Stanford Clark, IBM