Daniel Clarke

Future Digital Programme Manager, Cambridgeshire County Council

Dan works on the Smart Cambridge programme on behalf of Cambs County Council, Cambridge City Council, South Cambs District Council, University of Cambridge and the Local Enterprise Partnership.

The programme was set up to look at how new and emerging technology could help address some of Greater Cambridge’s challenges particularly Transport, Environmental Management, Energy and Health and Social Care. The programme is focussed on ‘Smart City’ solutions and specifically looking at ‘Internet of Things’ use cases. Smart Cambridge is part of the wider Connecting Cambridgeshire programme which aims to make Cambridgeshire an attractive location for businesses by consolidating, enhancing and spreading the reputation of Cambridge and the surrounding area for technology, innovation and enterprise through ensuring the county is connected with 21st century digital infrastructure services.

Data, data everywhere and not a bit to drink”

Ancient mariner Dan, developed the Smart Cambridge programme including the development of an underpinning city architecture and projects which use new and emerging technologies to address city challenges such as Transport, Air Quality and Health and Social Care. Making IoT ‘happen’ in a city is much more complex than installing a home hub – infrastructure is managed with large and complex contracts from multiple public and private sector organisations. Lots of data is already generated in cities, but it can be very hard to make available to third parties. Dan will share some of the lessons learned in navigating this landscape to deliver and launch a Cambridge IoT Data Hub that makes information such as real-time bus, train, traffic and air pollution data available to 3rd parties and more importantly, invite you to help yourself to the output.