Josh Liu

Director in Management & Entrepreneurship, Koobe Global

Josh Liu used to be an entrepreneur himself and has witnessed the challenges hardware startups are facing first-hand. He joined Koobe Global (a Foxconn affiliated company) in May 2016.

Josh has been working with his Foxconn veteran colleagues to figure out how Koobe can help hardware startups to scale with resources within the Foxconn family. Excited about the new wave of innovation in IOT, he is also working actively with community leaders, accelerators and corporate partners to help build a better hardware eco-system in Europe.

Josh is also a conference speaker in the topics of lean startup, hardware and manufacturing.

Iterating a New Manufacturing Model for IoT Startups

Thanks to the Internet-of-Things wave, we have seen much more exciting innovation in the connected world. Startup founders nowadays are very good at bringing their IoT ideas into fruition, using 3D printing technology and prototyping tools at maker spaces. However, many of them still fail at the manufacturing and mass production stage. Josh is going to share why it is fundamentally difficult for top-tier manufacturers to directly work with startups, and how his company iterates a more startup-friendly manufacturing model. He will also share how founders should plan your hardware ideas into mass production and leverage your manufacturing partners to your advantage.