Nick Lansley

CEO, Nick Lansley's Innovation Lab

Nick worked at Tesco for 25 years bringing home shopping to the UK customers in the mid-1990s, launching Tesco’s first mobile app in 2002 before running Tesco Labs & Open Innovation Programme for the UK’s largest retailer.

He left in 2015 to set up Nick Lansley’s Innovation Lab where he works as an “Innovation Insider” with a passion for bringing pragmatic innovation techniques and ways-of-working to areas of business that want to start their own innovation teams, or who are struggling to get traction with innovation projects. He’s a geek who is passionate about open data and APIs, giving companies courage to unlock data for use by colleagues on behalf of customers, and even publish for everyone’s use if appropriate.

Live Hack: Undermining IoT Communications and Taking Control of Smart Devices

In his live hack, Nick Lansley will take you into the revolution that is software-defined radio, and use this new technology to live hack the communications of several smart devices on the stage and bring them under his nefarious control. Nick will then invite you to imagine him parked outside your home: How will your smart devices resist his attack?