Pilgrim Beart

Founder, DevicePilot

Pilgrim Beart is CEO of DevicePilot, a service which enables connected-product companies to scale-up quickly without escalating costs by taking care of the management of their devices.

Previously Pilgrim co-founded the Smart Home platform AlertMe, sold to British Gas in 2015 for $100m. Before that he founded the antenna technology company Antenova which has shipped billions of antenna systems into smartphones globally. Pilgrim began his career at start-ups in Cambridge and Oxford, then led technology teams in three start-ups in Silicon Valley in the 1990’s. Pilgrim is a Fellow of the IET and chairs a judging panel in their annual Innovation Awards. As a senior business director with a proven track-record in scaling connected devices, Pilgrim’s expertise is of value to companies to help realise their business growth objectives in IoT.

The A-Z of IoT

Pilgrim shares the collective thoughts of 26 key people in the IoT ecosystem who are actively doing, ‘IoT at scale’. He shares his informed views on the progress IoT has made in the enterprise alongside the key challenges remaining to be solved to build a healthy and successful IoT ecosystem. Pilgrim has spoken at the IoT Forum previously and his informative and entertaining talk, ‘How to eat the IoT elephant’*, can be viewed here.

*No elephants were harmed in the making of this talk.