Rob Milner

Head of Connectivity, Cambridge Consultants

Rob is Head of Connectivity at Cambridge Consultants, a product development firm and the world’s largest independent wireless development group.

As the senior technical architect and leader for Cambridge Consultants’ smart systems work, Rob works on connected system development projects that deliver new product and service opportunities for clients. Rob specialises in short range wireless technologies and IoT, where he is an acknowledged visionary. His current focus is on re-engineering the IoT minimum viable product in order to strip out cost and pave the way for the coming IoT explosion.

How low can we go? In search of ultra-low cost IoT

With Gartner forecasting 20 billion IoT devices by 2020, and Softbank predicting a coming “Cambrian explosion” of IoT connectivity, the bar has been set high. Yet there are mountains to be moved before such lofty predictions can be realised.

Even a few pence is too much, to add connectivity to low-value devices. We believe that reducing the cost of connectivity, far below today’s levels, will soon enable IoT to grow exponentially. Cambridge Consultants have recently demonstrated a minimum viable IoT product at an unprecedented cost point. We took the most expensive element of connecting a product – the radio – and stripped out cost, but there’s much more to come. We will show the current and future technical advances that will be significant in developing ultra-low cost connected devices.
How can we simplify product architecture and assembly, harness the cloud, reduce the number of components and find the new sources of power that will bring IoT connectivity to the ocean of objects around us? Rob Milner will outline his radical vision for ultra-low cost IoT and the new business models that will make this vision commercially viable.