Tony Kypreos

CEO, Dupl

Tony is CEO of Dupl, focused on preventative health and fitness. Dupl gives context and empathy to biometric sensor data via communication, content delivery and evidence based sports psychology for sustainable motivation.

Dupl works with healthcare companies and sports brands to help achieve positive outcomes with their consumers.

Tony was formerly on the executive board of T-Mobile International & T-Ventures and MD for Bauer Digital for the M&A of EMAP. Previously he was co-founder of Mobilephonia, led turnaround/sale of agency Bluewave, leadership team for $800m Nasdaq IPO of and a founding investor of Springboard Cambridge. He is an advisor to the UK government’s Global Entrepreneur Programme.

Designing a solution to coach and track football participation for > 1 million adolescents in China

In this talk Tony explains how biometric sensors, when built into motivational system, can help tackle some of the world’s chronic health problems such as childhood obesity and type 2-diabetes. He describes how working with a leading English Football club, Dupl has conceived and designed an end-to-end system to promote physical activity and football participation of adolescent girls and boys in China.

The talk explains that although sensors are key for tracking and data gathering they cannot, alone, impact behaviour or drive engagement at scale. He describes the concept and system that includes inspirational sports content, communication, peer group support and a proven psychological coaching framework and how it gives context to data that is otherwise meaningless. Innovative IoT sensors and devices have greatest impact when combined with evidence-based methods to make the data relevant, motivating and actionable.