Funding the Internet of Things. IoT13

Is funding an IoT business different to funding a software business? What does an investor look for in a hardware business? One of the most popular sessions in IoT13 was our funder panel discussion on the reasons and process of investing in the IoT.

Apologies for the sound quality (we were just getting to know a new venue) but well worth sticking it out for some priceless quotes, especially from Bill Janeway, investor, academic and legend. ‘Entrepreneurs, generally, are best described as ‘hopeful monsters’ or, my favourite: ‘Please don’t waste any time doing a lot of Excel spreadsheets’. Wise words from a wise man.

Since this panel, VC interest in the IoT has only got stronger, confirmed by this weeks comments from Cisco that they expect investments of $1.6 billion in IoT this year. Read more here.

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