Accommodation options for IoT15

If you are coming to IoT15 (and if not, why not? Just take a look at our speaker list!) then you’d be well advised to book your hotel options soon.

Cambridge isn’t a city that is rich in good hotel deals, but here’s our (not exactly impartial) set of recommendations for all budgets and links to what the good folks at TripAdvisor say


The cheapest options are generally to stay in the university colleges themselves Рmany of which have rooms available for visitors, but the rule vary on whether you need to be connected with the university to book them. University Rooms is a good site which lets you book centrally

Mid level/business hotels:

The Regent Hotel is small and affordable. Gets good reviews (and burnt down – and rebuilt – about 6 years ago, so its facilities are quite new)

The Best Western Gonville is rather short on charm but generally well run, clean, good service.

Cambridge City Hotel (ex Crowne Plaza). Bit dated, but big and very central location.

Bit of charm, more upmarket, more expensive

Doubletree is right by the river, and closest (10 min walk) to the actual conference venue.

Hotel du Vin is lovely and priced accordingly

Varsity has best roof garden in town and some stunning views from the rooms higher in the hotel.

Finally, an interesting alternative is a short stay apartment on AirBnB, which has a raft of options available.

There we have it: hopefully there is enough variety here to meet all needs and budgets. Please note we don’t recommend sleeping on a punt – the ducks have a nasty habit of trying to come aboard at 1.30AM.