Meetup of Meetups

This year IoT Forum is swinging the doors to Robinson College open to IoT Meetup Communities around Europe.

On the 12th March from Three o’ Clock onwards, Meetup members are invited to join us for free for an afternoon of coordinated learning and sharing. The Meetup of Meetups will bring together some of the best IoT Meetup Groups across Europe to discuss the state of grass roots IoT and how Meetup Groups can work together more closely with eachother as well as the with the corporate community. Sign up here.

The schedule of the day is as follows:

15:00 Coffee Break (Number Two) – Opening up IoT Forum to a Meetup of Meetups.

IoT Meetup members join the IoT Forum to participate in the final sessions.

The final break of the day, the last chance to see the exhibits.

15:30 – Ones to Watch Showcase

  • PurrMetrix
  • Power Oasis
  • PhotonStar LED
  • Wirepas

15:50 – Bootstrapping a £3 Million IoT Business

When Concirrus was founded it was easy to raise funding for IoT ideas but the founders made a conscious decision to ignore offers and concentrate on building a business funded by customers. What did they learn along the way in the two years from startup to profitable growth?

16:10 – Meetup of Meetups

Short talks from some of the leaders of IoT meetup groups and accelerators across Europe. What is going one where and what opportunities are there to collaborate more closely together?

  • IoT London Meetup
  • IoT Cambridge Meetup
  • Audience Q&A

16:50 – Provocations: Short talks from people that want to work with your IoT ideas

Short talks from people that want to work with your IoT ideas.

  • Dan will offer a short overview of the Future Digital Programme and will look at some of the ways that we can collaborate to build a better connected urban environment. Bring him your crazy ideas, the ones that can show how you can help to build a better city.
  • Simon Ford will talk about opportunities to help shape the future of the mBed Community.
    Audience Q&A

17:30 – Day Two Wrap Up

The end of the conference, the beginning of the pub networking. The Mill. Mill Lane.


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