Companies on the IoT Forum 2015 Ones To Watch List

These are the companies who make up the IoT Forum’s One to Watch List for 2015. Each company on the list will have a five minute speaking slot on stage and will exhibit during breaks.

We believe these companies represent some of brightest emerging firms in IoT and we look forward to hosting them on the 11th-12th March, in Cambridge, England. They add to what already promises to be a great year for IoT Forum. Tickets are available but selling out fast. Register here to not miss out.

Intamac Systems Home monitoring, automation and control services for the connected home via our cloud based service management platform.
Audiowings Imagine a pair of internet-enabled headphones that allow you to access your audio from Spotify on the move. Imagine. All your Audio. Anywhere you go.
Product Health Product Health sells actionable product intelligence as a low-cost service to manufacturers and distributors.
Cocoon  The world’s smartest home security. Producers of a device that protects your whole home.
GraspIO Coding without Coding. Grasp gives regular people the ability to control things that traditionally required coding knowledge. What is for? If you’re connecting Linux devices is for you.
PhotonStar LED A British designer and manufacturer of smart LED lighting solutions.
Privitar Ltd Privitar aim to facilitate the use, collaboration and trade of data while adopting an uncompromising approach to protecting personal private information.
Mio Global Mio ALPHA heart rate watches are perfect for swimming, cycling, running and other high performance sports.
PurrMetrix  Purr heatmaps your environment to help you uncover previously hidden problems and take steps to avoid new ones developing.
Wirepas Wirepas Pino is a hardware-independent platform that makes the Internet of Things happen.
Restack RESTACK is the universal interface for connected devices.

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