All the talks from IoT Forum 2015 in one place.

Last year, over 200 investors, entrepreneurs and corporates turned out for two great days of doing business and connecting at IoT Forum 2015.

The BLN produce events where guests are encouraged to connect on a meaningful level – to create contacts that have the potential to shape the future of any business. The IoT Forum embodied this philosophy with the overwhelming atmosphere emanating from Robinson College being one of open collaboration, born from mutual interest in a growing industry.

Speakers such as Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, Rick Bullotta, Rick Robinson, Andy Stanford-Clark and Matt Hatton shared their thoughts with an audience of investors, corporates, and entrepreneurs. See for yourself what they had to say, and then sign up for more at IoT Forum 2016 – 9-10 March, Cambridge, UK. Tickets available here.



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