First IoT Forum 2016 Speakers Announced

IoT Forum is less than two months away, taking over Robinson College on 9-10 March in Cambridge, UK.

The idea of the event is both to ground the Internet of Things in actual business, and leave attendees as better, more informed people by the end of the event.

See the first six, then get your ticket for IoT Forum. Earlybird ends soon. More information can be found by clicking on the speakers names.

Andy Stanford-Clark, IBM –

Andy is based at IBM’s Hursley Park laboratories in the UK, and specialises in remote telemetry, energy monitoring and management, Smart Metering and Smart Grid technologies.

Marie Gilmour, Crossrail –

Marie Gilmour is a Management Consultant with the Nichols Group, currently engaged as Innovation Programme Manager within Crossrail’s Innovation programme, Innovate18

Alexandra Willard –

Taurus Consulting – Alexandra started her professional career at Ford Motor Company before moving to Jaguar, where she was a certified track test driver, and led the Analytical Powertrain team for the original Jaguar F Type.

Mike Hogg – Zuhkle –

Mike Hogg leads Zuhlke UK’s System Solutions team, which delivers software and hardware for medical devices, industrial systems and the Internet of Things.

Hugo Fiennes – Electric Imp –

Hugo Fiennes is CEO and Co-founder of Electric Imp, an innovative and powerful Internet of Things-based cloud service and hardware platform that makes it simple to connect devices to the Internet.

Ken Munro – Pen Test Partners –

Ken is passionate about empowering the user and blowing away the fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) peddled by security vendors.

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