Questions Questions for the BLN IoT Forum | What attendees would like to know.

“Is there something wrong with me for not wanting an Apple Watch?”

We always ask what attendees what question they would like to find an answer for by coming to our events. Not everyone responds but the questions for tomorrow’s IoT Forum give a good idea of the kind of things we will be talking about. If you are coming and have some answers, please find these people – ask us on the reg desk and we will try to help you connect.

The answer to the first question is, ‘No’

  • Is there something wrong with me for not wanting an Apple watch? Or is this normal?: Chief Digital Officer, GlobalLogic
  • What are the most likely business models to succeed in IoT?: Director, The Silicon Eye
  • How to make a project really work with IoT: Project Lead, TMVS
  • What are the main business use cases forIoT and Industrial IoT.: Chief Technology Officer, Senseye Ltd
  • How can IoT businesses address concerns about privacy?: Director, Coelition
  • What is the best route for highly competent but smaller businesses/teams to get involved with larger organisations looking to exploit niche skills in this area?: Managing Director, Digital Tactics Ltd.
  • how can be develop, market and sell not products that customers need or want?: Professor, Gerd Kortuem
  • Do you think it will ever be possible to agree a single protocol?: Technologist, Broadcom Corporation
  • Why is this a mandatory field? I’m not good at questions like this.: Inventor and Tinkerer, Wheeze Ltd
  • Which policies are being adopted in UK in order to boost the development of the IoT sector?: CEO, Hardware Startup IO
  • Nothing specific springs to mind!: CCO, Airfi Networks
  • How many great shirts does Mark have?: COO, Device Pilot
  • Is the beer good at the Mill?: CEO, 1248 Ltd
  • How is Andy going to power his Pi this year? Steam?: CMO, 1248 Ltd
  • When will proprietary give way to standards-compliant solutions?: Director, Virtual Technologies
  • What is the biggest limiter in IoT currently, what is the biggest opportunity: Director, Nine Degree Technology Ltd
  • How can IoT standardisation be tackled?: Editor, Internet of Business
  • When will integrated sensing / communications devices be affordable for businesses to deploy at scale?: Cofounder, Senseye Ltd
  • Building a community between industry, government and academia across the globe.: Professor, Director, University of Maryland
  • Collaborating between IoT companies.: President and CEO, Qingdao Guolin Corporation
  • What type of data analysis should be performed at the edge?: Product Manager, World Programming
  • Where is the market opportunity  in smart Grid technologies and can the block chain help IoT to capture it: Founder, Michael Markoulides
  • Who are the best teams in the industry?: Partner, Delin capital
  • How should we resolve the interoperability issue in the mind of the customer?: Technical Director, Energenie
  • What are the most exciting and surprising applications of IoT that are emerging?: Head of Sales & Marketing, SAM Labs
  • What are the most exciting and surprising applications of IoT that are emerging?: Sales & Marketing Manager, SAM Labs
  • When will the walled gardens open? We’re doing a lot of work with CoAP and LWM2M because interoperability matters, but are we wasting our time?: Managing Director, Fen Consultants Ltd
  • IoT analytics, where it starts and were it ends? the value of IoT is in the data, analytics starts at the edge, most companies are doing IoT through partnerships… want to get a clearer picture of the ecosystem: Managing Director, Camrosh Ltd
  • unsure at the moment: Analyst, Scottish Equtiy Partners
  • How will we manage it all?: Lead Product Manager, BMC Software Ltd
  • How we will support privacy and safety by improving the security of IoT products?: Principal Consultant, Security, IoTUK
  • Best business opportunities in IoT for the medium and short term: Senior Consultant, Amey
  • actual business use cases being applied in IoT, not wishful thinking….: Chairman, 10Duke
  • What infrastructure adjustments should be made now to accommodate the needs of the IoT in the next 30 years? Also more information on BIoT for the construction industry.: Managing Director, SmithsonHill
  • What can do to be more useful for the IoT community?: Developer Evangelist,
  • Finding out who’s going to partner with RGA for our first European IoT Accelerator program: Group Director, Business Transformation, R/GA
  • How can a Cambridge startup make money from IoT?: Founder, Indiga Ltd
  • Please can I attend IoT 2017!: Designer, Dexterity
  • Have UX practitioners grasped the implications of the rise of IoT?: Scryer, Vivalogic Ltd.
  • Do we need more engineers to implement the IoT at scale?: Interested Amateur, N/A
  • How the business case can be made: Head of Business Development, Radix Traffic Limited
  • why did the chicken cross the road?: Product Marketing Manager, Sony Europe Ltd
  • Will Mark surpass himself shirt-wise?: Founder, Epiphany and Conception
  • Where are we on the inflection?: Chairman, 1248 DevicePilot Ltd.
  • why did the chicken cross the road?: Editor, Smart Buildings Magazine
  • With IoT becoming more popular and hence the amount of data, how can we encourage synergy and get the most value out of the data?: Entrepreneur, Noxidity
  • How would IoT benefit the end user and give them full automony over their IoT data?: Design Lead and Architect, IBM
  • Can IoT help humanity especially those marginalised in society.: Head of Marketing, Cambridge Wireless
  • Which businesses are growing internationally, from the UK?: Tech Advisor, UKTI
  • why did the chicken cross the road?: CEO, Thingstud
  • What are the most prominent industry drivers within the world of IoT: Director, Logikk
  • How investable is the IoT field?: Founder, TQS Financial Consulting
  • What’s the direction of the IoT market, and how can I ensure my consultancy’s positioned to help?: Managing Director, Adeptium Consulting Ltd.

See you tomorrow!

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