The Ones to Watch Final Lineup | IoT Forum 2016

Each year at IoT Forum we pick out the brightest emerging stars in the world of IoT to take to the Forum stage for strictly five minutes.

The participants get the chance to show off why their business is making a difference in the world. The audience of investors, corporates and entrepreneurs get to see some of the best innovations in IoT today.

2016 is no different in the way we’ve selected some of the best companies on their way up. Previous Ones to Watch companies have gone on to multi million funding rounds, and we expect this years group to be no different.

By joining the Ones to Watch Showcase, this is a firm rubber stamp from a Top Three in the World Conference that these companies should be paid attention to this year. So, without further ado, here is the class of 2016.

Speaker Company Description URL
Alexander Hill Senseye Senseye Smart Manufacturing, save your business money, predicting the condition of your equipment and its environment without needing any technical know-how.
Dagmara Lacka Boldmind An Internet of Things company delivering smart city solutions. Boldmind tailor strategies for organizations looking to unlock the wealth of data generated either by connected devices or as a by-product of their operation.
Fabrizio CIaldea Atooma Inc Resonance A.I. is a white label SDK to build in a simple and fast way products for the IOT industry. It has a modular structure, it detects automatically user contexts and integrates a suggestion engine too.
Jacoby Thwaites SPARKL SPARKL® brings machines together by controlling both application flow and datacenter resources, including SDN. This ensures a complete, unified audit trail which lets you prove that the right data crossed the right path to get to the right place.
Paul Wang Metonymy SCADA project uses the US Department of Defense developed xAPI technology to gather more than 3,000 PLC data from water treatment equipment.
Mike Wheatley Audio Analytic Intelligent sound detection, sensors that react to sound to keep you and your house safe.
Matthew Scherba EnModus Smart building solutions. Control, monitor, and connect anything that is mains powered in a building.
Tim Moore Omnisense A breakthrough for positional and behaviour monitoring.
Alexandra Grigore Simprints Simprints is a nonprofit tech company committed to improving the lives of the poor by providing accurate identification in the world´s harshest settings.
Francesco Quartuccio Xmetrics XMetrics is the ultimate activity tracker for swimming. A uniquely positioned wearable device with audio feedback to improve any swimmer’s performance.
Morten Hagen SAM Labs SAM Labs allow you to start programming circuits and connecting the world in seconds, bringing the internet of things alive. Simply connect the dots to get started!
Oddvar Lovaas Matrix An open standard for persistent, decentralised group communication.
Devin Chadwa Y-Cam Solutions Smart Wireless HD cameras to protect you and your home.
Laure Andrieux Aiseedo Aiseedo Machine Intelligence enables you to create responsive products that leverage the time nature of live data.
Mark Howells Konnektis Developing a digital platform to encourage better real-time communication and collaboration between carers of older people, be they relatives, friends, paid carers or local volunteers.
Jack Ng Sansible Taking the hard work out of monitoring sports impact.


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