All the IoT Forum 2016 Videos in One Place

All the talks from previous IoT Forum in one place. Great talks on a range of issues affecting IoT today.

If you want to watch previous IoT Talks, you can access all of the publicly available ones from here. Great talks on IoT from some of the leading speakers, practitioners and thinkers in the industry today.

IoT is All About the Data – Andy Stanford-Clark, IBM

Andy considers how IoT is transforming businesses by considering the four main areas that IoT can create value:

  • Industry Transformation – Evolving new business models
  • Applications & Solutions – Optimising operations and enhancing performance
  • Platforms – Building and managing IoT solutions
  • Devices & Networks – Connecting what matters.

Andy argues that it doesn’t matter whether data is big or little, it only matters if you can create actionable insight with it. He probably won’t create a controlled explosion using hydrogen in this talk but he will blow your mind.



How Does a Project Planned 10 Years in Advance to Use Ideas That Weren’t Yet Invented? – Marie Gilmour, Crossrail

Digging tunnels and constructing stations under Europe’s largest capital city, London, makes Crossrail the largest construction project in Europe by some margin. Such projects inevitably have long timelines and planning cycles. Marie talks about how the Crossrail Innovation Programme, designed to seek innovative solutions to integrate into the project, has sought and deployed new solutions. What are the challenges a mega project of this type has in bringing new ideas into a highly structured and regulated environment? What problems are Crossrail looking to solve and how should an innovation driven business engage in the programme?


The Near Future for Connected Cars – John Miles, Cambridge University

Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot built the first powered vehicle is 1768. It was steam powered. It would have been impossible to conceive then that the cars and transport systems of the near future would be more reliant on software than steam to make them operate. John discusses some of the latest innovations that mean cars and transport systems will be an integral part of a network that is better, safer and cheaper for users. As work starts on testing Elon Musk’s Hyperloop, the future of transport has never been more exciting. What will stop us from seeing fleets of self-driving cars on the roads of Britain in 2018?


Regulation: What is it Good For? – Paul Egan, IoT UK

At the risk of making himself the most unpopular person in the room, Paul will argue the case that regulation has stimulated technological advancement.


Holy Maloley, That IoT Kettle is Leaking! – Ken Munro, Pen Test Partners

From kettles to toys it seems there is nothing that cannot be internet enabled and controlled with an app. There are downsides though. What if your product leaks information, or can be used to sabotage a network, or even endanger personal safety? With live demos you’ll see how popular devices can be hacked and abused, and what you can do to prevent it. You’ll also learn about the benefits of baking security into products, by enabling over-the-air updates, avoiding costly product recalls and being a truly trustworthy brand.


Why are Smart Gateways & the Blockchain Important in the IoT? – Charalampos Doukas, ICT30 AGILE

Charalampos (Harry) talks about how the open source hardware and software, alongside smart gateways and the blockchain, can solve some of the challenges presented by the vast array of platforms available for connecting IoT objects (>200 at last count). These isolated platforms offer similar features with almost no interoperability between them and many of them will disappear. Data collection and processing, IoT apps execution, device management should happen closer to the user network.

Charalampos shows why the blockchain and smart gateways are an important part of the IoT puzzle and how entrepreneurs can work with the AGILE project, with open calls for seed money for startups to help build the IoT of the future.


Carrier Partnering as a Route to Recurring Revenue – Phani Pandrangi, Kii

IoT device manufacturers and solution developers are always looking for well-established channels that they can leverage – and carriers are actively looking to monetize IoT in ways beyond just being a connectivity provider. Phani considers some ways that Haltian, KDDI and the Pomo Watch are helping carriers create recurring revenue and interoperability add-on models with such partnerships. What are the advantages and potential challenges with such approaches?


Building and Selling the Business Case for IoT – Richard Sims, TTP

One of the biggest challenges in IoT is proving the business case for the adoption of new technology.  TTP has been working with Mayflower to deploy Smart Street Lighting Systems across the UK. Over 300,000 streetlights are now deployed. Smart Street Lights add ‘intelligence’ to an otherwise ‘dumb’ device, but someone has to pay. Richard discusses how the Mayflower system has been sold to local authorities by presenting the business case for the energy and maintenance savings. He will also offer some insight into the technology and deployment challenges they faced along the way as well as some real-world numbers on kWh saved.


A Fresh Approach to Making Innovation Work in a Mega Corp – Richard Browning, BP

BP is huge, revenue of $228 billion in 2015 puts it among the largest 20 companies in the world. Like most organisations of that size, it can be a challenge to bring new ideas into the business and innovate effectively. Richard discusses how he’s leading an initiative to change this with a rapid ‘do-learn-do’ approach that can be applied to existing challenges or be inspired by new technologies in the market. Actively seeking startups and disruptive ideas, the approach is aimed at working and testing new ideas within the organisation with the potential to then scale across the global business as well as being introduced to other BP business partners.


Unlocking the IoT Door – Mike Hogg, Zuhlke

Dorma+Kaba is one of the top 3 global security and access control companies. Mike discusses how the company, together with Zuhlke, is developing and delivering innovative business models that leverage the IoT and enable transformation from a product to a service led business.


What Problems Will IoT Solve? – Alison Vincent, Cisco

Alison comes to the IoT Forum fresh from the finals of the ‘Little BIG Awards’, a Cisco supported programme aimed at helping 11-13 years olds to think about how technology might change the world and develop projects that address the challenge:

“Show us how you think your life could be made better by connecting everyday things together”.

The initiative is tied to national curriculum and combines teamwork, problem solving, creativity, research, planning, thinking about how ideas can make money as well as a requirement to present and demonstrate their ideas. What problems does the next generation believe technology should solve?


How Can We Sell IoT to the Mainstream? – Nick Lansley, Nick Lansley’s Innovation Lab

Nick discusses why understanding the needs of your potential customers is key to adoption of new technology for in B2C and B2B markets. How do you make innovation happen successfully in a large business with very established business processes? How can you use IoT and connected home technologies to help customers appropriately? How can you engage customers by simplifying their home lives with technology without spooking them?


Can IoT Save the High Street? – Eva Pascoe, The Retail Practice

Retailing on the high street has evolved over at least 2,000 years but has changed as much, if not more, since 2000. We are in the middle of a retail revolution. How will the revolution change your shopping experience 20 years from now?


We Need Aspirins, Not Vitamins to Fund Smart Cities – Daniel Clarke, Cambridge County Council

The objective of Smart Cities is simple. ‘How do we make people’s lives better?’ Discovery projects, funded with government capital to stimulate discussion and find the killer Smart City applications offer the potential of everything from cost reduction through economic stimulation. The IoT will only scale successfully if these projects are funded to scale.

Cities have limited budgets with huge competition for very limited resources. Private companies will not deploy significant resources speculatively without a clear route to profit.

Dan considers whether a focus on aspirins ‘easing budgetary pain’ over vitamins ‘stimulating growth’, would help cities adopt and fund IoT enabled Smart Cities.


In the Jaguar Filled Jungle, Small Cats Can Still Thrive – Alexandra Willard, Taurus Consulting

In the connected vehicle sector, existing automotive businesses are investing billions of dollars in innovation. A few startup companies are emerging, Zubie being the best funded and most influential. US investors have also backed other startups with 8 figure investments (Mojio and Automatic).

Can startups compete? Yes, but they have to be careful.

New value propositions and business models are evolving, large companies are looking to startups for innovation. Huge sums are being invested in startups by companies that need to change but many of these activities are doomed to fail from the outset. Alexandra considers why this is so and more importantly, the three critical factors needed to make such collaborations work.


The Internet of Dugongs – Simon Hodgkinson, Smart Earth Network

A simple, yet elegant, IoT enabled project that arose out of a meeting between attendees at last year’s IoT Forum is helping to protect an endangered species – the dugong. The project, run from around the island of Busuanga has historically relied on a combination of helicopters and divers to spot and record dugong sightings in an attempt to generate a database of the numbers, locations and threats to the dugongs which are vulnerable to poaching, loss of habitat and fouling fishing nets. These methods were expensive and produced incomplete data.

The new solution is simple – it allows local fishermen – the only people to regularly sight the dugongs – to record the location, time and date of sightings by using a specially developed app on an Android phone. Many of the fishermen are not literate and so the app has no written elements but simply requires the fishermen to take a picture of the dugong. The app records the location, time and date of the photo, and track of the boat so that areas where there have been no sightings are also known.


IoT; You’re Doing it Wrong! – Craig Hollingworth, Concirrus

“The Internet of Things allows you to know information that you previously couldn’t economically know. With that knowledge, you can operate a different business process.”

Craig Hollingworth, co-Founder at Concirrus, has built his IoT business on a simple premise: if a customer can understand the potential to transform their existing business model, the technology piece becomes relatively trivial to deliver. He argues that there is too much attention being paid to the technology behind the Internet of Things when the benefits IoT delivers accrue to companies that consider how their business model and business processes can be reengineered before they write a line of code.


Low Cost, Fast-to-Market Paths to Scale Hardware Products – Francois Fortun, Premier Farnell

Critical elements for successful product driven companies are focusing on value add and USP while keeping time-to-market and initial investment costs as low as possible. Francois will show how using an ‘off the shelf’ hardware platform, customized for specific end product functionality and cost targets can achieve this. Using some Raspberry Pi-based examples, he will illustrate some of the key things to consider when building and scaling IoT hardware from prototype to short production run.


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Some of the brightest prospects in the Internet of Things today giving five minute pitches on how they are going to change the world.

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