How Does A Mega-Project Planned 10 Years Ago Use Ideas That Weren’t Invented? | Marie Gilmore, CrossRail | IoT Forum 2016

Marie Gilmour, Innovation Programme Manager, CrossRail

Marie Gilmour is a Management Consultant with the Nichols Group, currently engaged as Innovation Programme Manager within CrossRail’s Innovation programme, Innovate18.

Digging tunnels and constructing stations under Europe’s largest capital city, London, makes CrossRail the largest construction project in Europe by some margin. Such projects inevitably have long timelines and planning cycles. Marie talks about how the CrossRail Innovation Programme has sought and deployed new solutions. What are the challenges a mega project of this type has in bringing new ideas into a highly structured and regulated environment? What problems is CrossRail looking to solve and how can an innovation driven business engage in this and similar programmes?

Slides & Video below

Slides from Marie’s talk at The BLN IoT Forum 2016 here



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