Would you strap yourself to a home made rocket? This man did just that.

IoT16 speaker, Richard Browning at BP has a secret life. As a rocket man…

BP is huge, revenue of $228 billion in 2015 puts it among the largest 20 companies in the world. Like most organisations of that size, it can be a challenge to bring new ideas into the business and innovate effectively.

By day, Richard Browning, leads an initiative to change this with a rapid ‘do-learn-do’ approach that can be applied to existing challenges or be inspired by new technologies in the market. Actively seeking startups and disruptive ideas, the approach is aimed at working and testing new ideas within the organisation with the potential to then scale across the global business as well as being introduced to other BP business partners.

By night, and at the weekends, he is learning to fly by building himself his own personal rocket ship.

Richard Browning Rocket Man

Here is his talk from IoT16.

Here are his first attempts at flying…

Richard, we salute you!

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