All the IoT Forum 2016 Videos in One Place

All the talks from previous IoT Forum in one place. Great talks on a range of issues affecting IoT today.

If you want to watch previous IoT Talks, you can access all of the publicly available ones from here. Great talks on IoT from some of the leading speakers, practitioners and thinkers in the industry today.

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German parents urged to destroy Cayla, the IoT doll

More trouble for Cayla, the IoT doll with a reputation for being a bit too insecure. The Bundesnetzagentur, the German Federal Network Agency has told parents to destroy the talking doll.

This comes after a german student raised legal concerns about the toy. According to the BBC:

“Under German law, it is illegal to sell or possess a banned surveillance device. A breach of that law can result in a jail term of up to two years, according to German media reports.”

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We Need Aspirins, not Vitamins, to Fund Smart Cities | Dan Clarke, Cambs City Council | IoT Forum 2016

Dan Clarke, Future Digital Programme Manager, Cambridgeshire County Council (CCC)

The Future Digital Programme was set up at the CCC to look at how improved connectivity and emerging technologies can help to better deliver public services and quality of life for Cambridgeshire residents.

As part of the Programme, CCC are looking at how ‘Smart City’ technologies, including the Internet of Things, can be used to better manage Greater Cambridge and address some of the challenges the city faces. The Programme also aims to make Cambridgeshire an attractive location for businesses by consolidating, enhancing and spreading the reputation of Cambridge and the surrounding area for technology, innovation and enterprise by ensuring a ‘Connected Cambridgeshire’ with 21st century digital infrastructure services.

Find out all this and more….

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IoT’s All About the Data | Andy Stanford-Clark, IBM | IoT Forum 2016

Andy Stanford- Clark, Distinguished Engineer and Master Inventor, IBM

Professor Andy Stanford-Clark is a Distinguished Engineer in IBM’s global Internet of Things team. In his talk at IoT Forum 2016, Andy considers how IoT is transforming businesses by considering the four main areas that IoT can create value: Industry Transformation – Evolving new business models, Applications & Solutions – Optimising operations and enhancing performance, Platforms – Building and managing IoT solutions & Devices & Networks – Connecting what matters.

He argues that it doesn’t matter whether data is big or little, it only matters if you can create actionable insight with it.

Slides & Video below

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Welcome to Zühlke, Bronze Sponsor

We are delighted to announce our Bronze Sponsor for the IoT Forum.

Bronze Sponsors


Zühlke Engineering Ltd is the UK arm of the Zühlke Group. The Group is an independent service provider for bespoke product and software engineering, management consulting and start-up financing.

If you would like to maximise exposure for your business at the IoT Forum please ask us about sponsorship.

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Welcome to Cambridge Consultants, Silver Sponsor

We are delighted to announce our Silver Sponsor for the IoT Forum.

Silver Sponsors


Cambridge Consultants, the renowned product development and technology consulting experts.

Cambridge Consultants has one of the world’s largest independent wireless development teams, with more than 100 experts covering every design expertise from short-range wireless connectivity to global satellite communication. Over the years, Cambridge Consultants has helped its clients to develop the world’s smallest satellite data terminal, the world’s first single-chip Bluetooth radio, the world’s first GSM videophone for Orange, and the radios that manage more than half of the world’s airspace.

In 2016 Cambridge Consultants acquired Synapse, creating a global product development powerhouse. Synapse brings a considerable track record in the consumer market, delivering projects for clients such as Nike, Microsoft and Samsung.

Members of the Wireless Division will be on hand to answer your questions about how to connect to the Internet of Things.

If you would like exposure for your business at the IoT Forum please ask us about sponsorship.

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Are you an IoT ‘Ones to Watch’?

Ones to Watch. Your chance to present at IoT 17.

Some of the brightest prospects in the Internet of Things today giving five minute pitches on how they are going to change the world. Here are the IoT Forum’s Ones to Watch from 2016.

Over five years, our selected Ones to Watch have raised over $500 million in funding, have experienced over $200 million of realised exits and featured in some of the world’s leading publications. All because of us. (Or in fact because we are quite good at selecting future winners!).

This is your chance to join an elite group. If you want the opportunity to present to an audience of savvy and smart, investors, journalists and customers, apply here.

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Building and Selling the Business Case for IoT | Richard Sims, TTP | IoT Forum 2016

Richard Sims, Manager of Connected Devices, TTP

One of the biggest challenges in IoT is proving the business case for the adoption of new technology.  TTP has been working with Mayflower to deploy Smart Street Lighting Systems across the UK. Over 300,000 streetlights are now deployed. Smart Street Lights add ‘intelligence’ to an otherwise ‘dumb’ device, but someone has to pay. Richard discusses how the Mayflower system has been sold to local authorities by presenting the business case for the energy and maintenance savings. He will also offer some insight into the technology and deployment challenges they faced along the way as well as some real-world numbers on kWh saved.

Video Below

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Brand New Speakers Announced for IoT Forum 2017

The 6th IoT Forum is only two months away, at Robinson College, Cambridge on 15-16th March.

The aim of the event is to bring together all the key people doing business in the Internet of Things, with the whole ecosystem of corporates, entrepreneurs and investors taking the IoT forward.

Our conferences are renowned for the excellent content and facilitation and we look forward to welcoming a host of great speakers this year including some exciting new names (read on to find out more).


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The Near Future for Connected Transport | Prof. John Miles, Cambridge University | IoT Forum 2016

Professor John Miles, Cambridge University

Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot built the first powered vehicle is 1768. It was steam powered. It would have been impossible to conceive then that the cars and transport systems of the near future would be more reliant on software than steam to make them operate. John discusses some of the latest innovations that mean cars and transport systems will be an integral part of a network that is better, safer and cheaper for users. As work starts on testing Elon Musk’s Hyperloop, the future of transport has never been more exciting. What will stop us from seeing fleets of self-driving cars on the roads of Britain in 2018?

Slides & Video below

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The IoT Landscape Comes Into Focus

So – one of the things you hear a lot about the IoT is that it’s NOT NEW.

All the parts that make up what could be an IoT landscape already exist and we’ve been doing similar things for years but calling it M2M (machine to machine).

This is partially true, in that we have been doing M2M and you can view IoT as an extension of this.


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Amazon launches autonomous drone pilot in Cambridge

Amazon launches autonomous drone service pilot in Cambridge – except this drone service has no pilot.

Amazon Prime Air’s first autonomous delivery was made last week, 7th December, in Cambridge, England. (I saw one of these out cycling near this location recently. Remarkably quiet but I have got to admit, the future seems a little scary sometimes.

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IoT in 2016. An Increasingly Crowded Landscape

The Internet of Things is definitely a thing. More and more companies are developing capabilities that lever IoT technologies as a core part of their offering.

This graphic from Matt Turck at FirstMark Capital offers a nice overview of some of the players in 2016.

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Can IoT Save the High Street? | Eva Pascoe, The Retail Practice | IoT Forum 2016

Eva Pascoe, Partner, The Retail Practice

Eva studied linguistics, psychology and the ergonomics of computer interaction before co-founding the world’s first Internet Café in 1994 (where David Bowie and Gary Barlow learnt basic Internet skills). She has worked for the past 4 years with The Retail Practice advising retailers and startups on the intersection of brand experience, retail, technology and business.

At the IoT Forum, Eva discusses if IoT can save the High Street?

Slides & Video below

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Eating the IoT Elephant: The Missing Links in IoT | Pilgrim Beart, DevicePilot | Internet of Things Forum 2015

How to Eat the IoT Elephant

Pilgrim Beart is CEO of DevicePilot, a service which enables connected-product companies to scale-up quickly without escalating costs by taking care of the management of their devices. Pilgrim argues, entertainingly, that for IoT in the Enterprise, there are so many challenges in building the infrastructure, platforms, services, products and connected objects in the Internet of Things that in fact, the real opportunities come from doing a small piece of the puzzle extremely well.

Slides & Video Below

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How Does A Mega-Project Planned 10 Years Ago Use Ideas That Weren’t Invented? | Marie Gilmore, CrossRail | IoT Forum 2016

Marie Gilmour, Innovation Programme Manager, CrossRail

Marie Gilmour is a Management Consultant with the Nichols Group, currently engaged as Innovation Programme Manager within CrossRail’s Innovation programme, Innovate18.

Digging tunnels and constructing stations under Europe’s largest capital city, London, makes CrossRail the largest construction project in Europe by some margin. Such projects inevitably have long timelines and planning cycles. Marie talks about how the CrossRail Innovation Programme has sought and deployed new solutions. What are the challenges a mega project of this type has in bringing new ideas into a highly structured and regulated environment? What problems is CrossRail looking to solve and how can an innovation driven business engage in this and similar programmes?

Slides & Video below

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IoT Market Predictions. Guaranteed Nonsense

There is one thing certain in any emerging technology space, predictions for the size of the market will grow rapidly over a short period of time as analysts and researchers produce reports that predict bigger and bigger numbers.

Some of the highlights…

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