IoTUK is increasing the adoption of high quality IoT technologies throughout businesses and the public sector, and advancing the UK’s global leadership in IoT. Powered by the Digital Catapult and the Future Cities Catapult, we are an overarching and collaborative three year programme. We are part of the Government’s £40m investment to maximise the UK’s capabilities in IoT.

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Electric Imp

For manufacturers seeking to bring products and services online, Electric Imp provides a complete end-to-end solution that makes it simple to connect nearly any device to the Internet quickly, securely and seamlessly. The Electric Imp connectivity platform, featuring fully integrated hardware, software, OS, APIs, cloud services and security, can effectively enhance your devices with greater functionality, efficiency and performance.

Now, rather than spending time and resources to design, integrate and maintain a connectivity infrastructure, your business can instead focus on its core expertise of building the best products for its customers, adding greater value and differentiation, and significantly reducing time to market.

With Electric Imp, the possibilities are endless.

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Zühlke Engineering

Zuhlke Engineering Ltd is the UK arm of the Zuhlke Group. The Group is an independent service provider for bespoke product and software engineering, management consulting and start-up financing.  Zuhlke believes innovation requires an entrepreneurial mind-set combined with the courage to push boundaries and break new ground.  Zuhlke helps companies transform their vision from a smart idea into a resounding market success. In doing so, Zuhlke covers every phase of the business innovation process and accompanies products and applications from the initial idea through to the implementation and operation.

Founded in Switzerland in 1968, the Zuhlke Group today has local teams in the United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, Serbia, and Switzerland. In 2015, the Zuhlke Group generated GBP 84 million in revenue and now employs more than 850 staff.  Zuhlke provides added-value as a result of the experience gained through more than 8,000 successful international projects in a wide range of domains, as well as continued investment in business and technology knowledge and understanding.

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