Robinson College

Grange Road

  • Central  Cambridge location
  • 240 seat auditorium
  • Easy access and parking
  • Comfortable networking and breakout areas


Getting There – Trains

  • Trains take 45 minutes from King’s Cross to Cambridge – unless they break down, there are leaves on the track, there’s a strike etc but generally the best option.
  • Taxi from the station should take c 10 minutes and cost less than £10 unless the council have decided to dig up roads etc.

Getting There – Planes

  • Planes arrive from the sky. They defy the very laws of physics themselves but assuming you arrive at Stansted or Luton Airports and RyanAir and EasyJet deposit you safely on the ground, you are getting close.
  • Taxis take 30 minutes from Stansted to venue (train service also runs every 30 minutes to Cambridge Station, taxi from Cambridge station should take c 10 minutes and cost less than £10 unless the council have decided to dig up roads etc.
  • Taxis take 50 minutes from Luton to venue (train service is utterly, utterly useless. Might as well find a camel and hitch a ride. It would probably be quicker.

Getting There – Automobiles

Autonomous Vehicles

  • Command your autonomous vehicle to take you to the IoT Forum at the toutest vitesse.

Other Drivers

Parking is not available at Robinson College, see below for suggested roads to park if you intend to drive.

Free roads near to Robinson College are:

  • Clerk- Maxwell Road , Free (15 minute walk)
  • Adams Road, Free (10 minute walk)
  • Sylvester Road, Free (5 minute walk)
  • Cranmer Road, Free (5 -7 minute walk)
  • Herschel Road, Free (2 minute walk)

NB for these free spaces the best time to park is before 8.30am and after 6.30pm as these spaces tend to be used by commuters who park on these roads and then walk into town for work.

Pay and Display On Street:

  • West Road (5 – 7 minute walk and you have to pay here
  • Pay & display parking on West Road: current charge is 50p per 30 mins max 4 hour stay, 9am-5pm; free after 5pm and on Sundays; blue badge holders free.

Other Parking: 

  • Grand Arcade £25 all day
  • Queen Anne £12.50 all day
  • Trumpington Road has 8 hour bays at £1 per hour
  • Castle Hill Car Park 4 hour bays for £7.50
  • Newnham Road/Newnham Walk 4 hour bays.